The Alpha Bundle

Retail Price: $ 216.70

Sale Price: $ 169.95

OUT OF STOCK - Expecting Order First Quarter 2020

The Alpha Bundle has arrived!

We've rounded up the best of Tactical Dad and put it into our all-new Alpha Bundle. You get all the essentials of The Ultimate Bundle but we're throwing our Undercover Hero T-shirt, Flexfit Hat and a patch of your choice in at a discounted price. Hit the ground running as a father with all the daddy gear you need to conquer any baby emergency.

What you get:

  • D.O.D.D. XH Pack (any color) 
  • American Flag, D.O.D.D., and DADDY Badges
  • Undercover Hero T-shirt (any color & size) 
  • Flexfit Hat (any color & size) 
  • Tactical Dad Pacifier Clip 

Please note the hat and tee ship separately.

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Free Shipping Available to the US on Orders $100+

Go Anywhere

Your Tactical Dad Pack is ready to follow you and your family anywhere.

Do Anything

with your family and Tactical Dad Pack by your side, you can do just about anything.

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